Our Story

We are Graham and Jo and we first opened Hogan’s Fine Food Company on 28th November 2013.  We made the decision to do something special following Jo’s maternity leave and took the opportunity to build a family business, offering a future livelihood for our family in which we could take pride.

We work hard to offer a choice of locally sourced, fresh and seasonal produce to our customers in the hope that we can inspire better food choices and encourage an alternative to supermarket shopping.

This commitment to a business which is small, specialised and personal is one of the hallmarks of Hogan’s.

We take pride in offering our customers the best choice and a range of products including:

  • Food products which are locally sourced, fresh and in season
  • Selected fruit and vegetables as well as a growing range of organic produce
  • A range of Gluten Free and Dairy Free products
  • Free Range, outdoor reared meat products

Our Service

Customer Service

We created the shop first, but soon there was a demand for fruit and veg boxes to be delivered. We personally select each item and check the produce carefully before including in your box we also give you the option to add other items from our shop including fresh meat, bread, eggs or deli items.

This service, combined with the facility of website ordering, is proving very popular. Here, you can see what we have and if you have a query please give us a ring to discuss our range or to find out more about our seasonal produce.

So, whether it’s in our delicatessen, bakery or our special range of fresh meat we will be delighted to help. At every stage, the personal touch continues to be important to us at Hogan’s…

Our Product Range

We source a growing range of products from a group of small, high quality suppliers, including;

  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Jams and preserves
  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Dairy produce
  • Baked goods

Because we know our independent suppliers, we can trace our food through the supply chain.  We can also limit the number of miles that it travels, before it arrives at your table.

Have any questions? Not sure what to do next?

Call us on 01324 555 844 or click on the button below to contact our friendly local team.

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